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Keukenhof: With Eurolines to the most beautiful garden
Come with us to Keukenhof, the largest flower park in the world! Millions of tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, lilies and other unique flowers will bloom from March 22nd to May 13st,...   [Read more...]
Christmas markets in Prague
The largest Christmas markets in the Czech Republic are held in Prague. You can visit pretty wooden chalets, where you can buy Christmas decorations, small gifts crafts and snacks. The best...   [Read more...]
Christmas Markets in Vienna
Why should you travel to Vienna in winter season? Traditional Christmas markets with a punch, all sorts of Christmas sweets, carols, performances by artists and various attractions for...   [Read more...]
The best Christmas markets in Europe
Enjoy unique Christmas atmosphere of European capitals from November! Europe hosts the best Christmas markets and you can visit all of them. Dresden invites you to the castle like in...   [Read more...]
Gießen, Erfurt, Jena, Leipzig and Leipzig - the new five destinations on the Berlin-Frankfurt route! Germany has long been one of your favorite destination - not only thanks to...   [Read more...]
Oktoberfest - the biggest beer festival in the world
Oktoberfest, it is the biggest beer festival in the world, where over six million people go every year. You can enjoy traditional Bavarian beer, cuisine and folk customs. Join us on a beer...   [Read more...]
Amsterdam: King's Day
A grand celebration in honor of the birth of King Willem Alexander, who is in the Netherlands the first male monarch after more than hundred years, is held every year in Amsterdam. The...   [Read more...]
Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam
Are you visiting Amsterdam? Do you know where to go and what to see? Read our great list of places, which are worth to visit during your trip. Get to know Amsterdam. Photo:...   [Read more...]
Belgium - great destination for romantic getaway
Would you like to take your loved ones on a romantic trip? Belgium might be the right choice. Travel to romantic Antwerp and see diamonds worn by Queens, or take a trip to Brussels, which is...   [Read more...]
Budapest and monuments - all you need to see or visit
Budapest is great place to visit. Discover why the Parliament building is as high as the Basilica of St. Stephen; find out who the statues on Heroes’ Square represent and which...   [Read more...]
Shopping at Primark
It may seem that Primark stores with clothes for women, men and kids are on the field for just a moment but it’s not true. Primark has been dressing people since 1969. Students, who...   [Read more...]
Nice - days on the slopes, evenings in the city
The blue color of the sea together with snowcapped mountains. This is not a paradox but the city of Nice, whose mountains reach up to 3,000 meters above sea level! Not everyone knows that...   [Read more...]
Vienna State Opera
One of the best operas in the world was opened in 1869 during a performance of Mozart's opera - Don Giovanni.  The Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Sisi couldn’t miss this...   [Read more...]
Weekend in Slovenia and Croatia
Experience the most common holiday destination differently! Grab your backpack, hop on a bus and travel to Slovenia and Croatia. We will tell you what you should know, see and...   [Read more...]
The best cycle routes in Germany
  Take your bike and go through breathtaking landscape and mysterious places where history was written. You can relax in one of the most entertaining water parks or swim in lakes. If...   [Read more...]
Where to go on a trip with kids?
If you are a parent, you will agree that it is not easy to choose activities for kids that would entertain them as well as educate them. Did you know that there are places, which will...   [Read more...]
Europe by bike: We know the most interesting cycling routes!
Do not leave your bike at home and head to Europe. We will help you to decide where exactly to go. What would you say to a historical tour around Vienna or Munich? If this idea didn’t...   [Read more...]
Summer music festivals in Europe
Europe will be overwhelmed with the sounds of all musical genres. All of these at the best music festivals that European cities host every year. You can visit not only “crazy”...   [Read more...]
Vienna and monuments - where the Habsburgs lived, celebrated and died
The Habsburgs left in Vienna a legacy of many interesting monuments. Look into the St. Stephan's Cathedral, whose task was to overshadow the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, discover why...   [Read more...]
Gastro tour around Europe - tasting of international cuisine
If you decide to visit the famous Frauenkirche in Dresden, the blooming gardens at Schönbrunn in Vienna, Marienplatz in Munich or the thermal baths in Budapest, do not forget to taste...   [Read more...]