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Policies of Personal data protection on website

Introductory stipulations
The below stated Policies of personal data protection on the website of offer information on ways how the information we are provided with through this website is gathered, used and protected. Before filling in any information on this website, read carefully the Policies of personal data protection.
Policies of personal data protection on are in accordance with the legal provisions in force, in particular with the Act.101/2000 Sb., on protection of personal data and amendments of some laws, with the Act č.127/2005 Sb. on electronic communication and further in accordance with the relevant regulations of Civic Code, as well as relevant regulations of the European Union.
This site is designed for the Czech Republic inhabitants. 
Operators of website website is operated by companies TOURING BOHEMIA s.r.o. and Transdev Eurolines CZ, a.s.
User assent
By using this website you agree to Policies of personal data protection on website. Should you when using it provide any information, you in full agree to its procuration, collection, using, communication, and other ways of processing in compliance with these principles of personal data protection and present system of law of the Czech republic.
Information provided
In some sections of the website you may be asked to fill in personally identifiable information so that you may enjoy certain privileges (for instance receiving updates, loyalty program) and you also will be informed, which data is required and which is optional.   
Passive information collection
When browsing websites some anonymous information is collected passively (ie. without your active communicating of certain information ), employing various technologies, such as cookies, internet markers or web signals, and collection of navigatinal data (log files, server logs, clickstream). Some of this anonymous information, eg. website URL and your incoming website, IP address and a browser version your of your computer currently in use, are sent to our website automatically by your internet browser. These sites may gather anonymous information from your PC also through cookies and internet marker or web signals. You can set your browser in the way that it informs you on sending a cookie, or to reject cookies completely, however some features of this site may not work without cookies.
This website may use and combine such passively collected information in order to offer better services to visitors of our site, as well as to adapt the site to match your preferences, to create and analyse statistics and trends and to further administration and improvement of the site. More information on cookies and other above stated passive methods of tracking you can find in the following lines.
A „cookie“ is information, that your internet site sends to your browser and through which it remembers information about you and your preferences.
„Relational“ cookies is temporary information, which is deleted on closing your browser or switching off your computer. Relational cookies are used to improve navigation on websites, to memorise a currently logged user and to gather aggregated statistical information.
„Permanent“ cookies is information of a permanent character, that will be saved on your computer´s harddisc, until their expiry date or your manual deletion. Validity of permanent cookies on website is 8 hours. Permanent cookies in your computer store information for many purposes, such as verifying information provided before ( eg. saved user name, and the like), setting topics preferred by website visitors, and website arrangement on the basis of the preferences. Permanent cookies, placed by this website into your computer, may contain personally identifiable information, however only in a case, when you registered, or in another manner agreed to gathering personally identifiable information provided through this website. In other cases our website server will only register the fact that our site is accessed by an unidentified visitor with your cookie. 
You can set your browser so that it accepts or rejects cookies, or to warn you each time when a possibility of saving a cookie is available so that you can decide whwether to accept or reject. Further information on cookies you will find in the help files of your web browser.
Internet website may use the internet protocol address (IP). IP address is a number assigned to your computer by your internet connection provider so that you can connect to the internet, and usually is deemed information that does not enable identification of a particular person as in most cases the IP address is dynamic (it changes on every connection to the internet), and not static (unique to a computer of a particular user). IP address can be used for problem diagnostics on our server, for reporting aggregated information, setting the fastest route, via which your computer can connect to our website, and for administration and improvement of our website.
„Internet markers“ (also called one-pixel GIF, clear GIF, invisible GIF and GIF 1:1) are smaller than cookies and communicate to website server data such as IP address and browser type of visitor´s computer. The markers occur in online advertising, that lead visitors to this website, as well as on various sites of this address. The markers show the count of launches of the site and the kind of information required.
„Navigational data“(„log files“,„server logs“ and data on selection of particular options
– so-called „clickstream“) is used to manage the system, to improve the site contents, to survey the market and to communicate information to visitors.
Using and communicating information
If not stated otherwise, information gathered through this website may be used to improve its contents, adapt the contents to your preferences, to communicate the required information, for marketing purposes and other stated purposes. Moreover any information , gathered through this website, without personally identifiable character may be used
If you provide this website with personally identifiable information, this can be combined with other actively gathered information, unless there are other conditions for gathering the information.
Personally identifiable information you provide through this website, can be made available to our sister and daughter companies of Operators all over the world, on the condition they agree to handle it in conformity with these principles of privacy protection and they use it for the same purposes. 
Personally identifiable information, which you provide through this website, may be also made available to a third party that is not a sister or daughter company of the website operator, yet solely:
a) to suppliers we use to support our business activity /eg. operational services, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions), whereas in such case we will require the third party to commit to handling the information in conformity with policies of privacy protection and to using it for the same purposes: ; or
b) in connection with sales, conveyance or other transfer of business activity of this website, whereas in such case we will require that the acquirer commit to handling the information in conformity with policies of privacy protection and to using it for the same purposes ; or
c) in reaction to requirements of the bodies acting in criminal proceedings, or in the case, that the information is required by the appropriate authority in compliance with the law. 
Gathering, using and communicating information, which is concerned by the policy of personal data, may involve transfer of this information within jurisdictions, that are outside the country of your permanent residence and which may have different laws and ordinances in the area of personally identifiable information. In such cases you will be asked to express your consent to such transfer and communication of information in conformity with the policies of privacy protection.
Site Security website applies appropriate measures for protection of personally identifiable information in the instant of sending it to our website, and for protection of such information against loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Please bear in mind that no transfer on the internet is absolutely safe nor error-free. Particularly e-mails sent from or to this website may not be safe.
Other website links website may contain links or references to other websites, to which these privacy protection policies do not apply. Before visiting such sites, it si advisable to get acquinted with the policies of privacy protection on respective websites. 
Further stipulations
Using this website is subject to relevant regulations of the legal system of the Czech republic.
In case of any queries, suggestions or requests relating to the stated policies of personal data protection on website or handling information on this site, you can contact us using electronic mail at the address
Possible modifications to the personal data protection policy on website will be published in full amended wording on this website. Before providing any information of a personal character please get acquinted with their updated version. 
The lastest update of the personal data policies: 11. 11. 2013