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Across the Netherlands on bike

The route Across "Dutch Sázava Valley" is characterized by its flat terrain, water embankments, historical villages and spectacular countryside along the river Vecht. During your journey you can stop in a small dutch cheese farm, taste here and buy fresh dairy products.


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The route starts in Utrecht, immediately after the getting off the Eurolines coach. Then you move to the railway station (about 200 m), buy the ticket for the stoptrain (stoptrein) to Amsterdam and continue to the train stop Hollandsche Rading. On this tour you will pass by beauty spots such as:

  • at a unique location - old Loosdrecht that is known for its beautiful lakes
  • the lakes are a hospot for the well-to-do - you can admire several exclusive yachting clubs with the luxury boats or just eat in excellent restaurants lining the shores or simply enjoy the swimming
  • welcome to Loenen with the scenic river Vecht that attract cyclists and yachters
  • The De Willigen Farm that is located on Nigtevechtseweg in the polder region of Vreeland and learn about how farming and cheese production - as part of the tour, visitors can sample traditionally made cheese
  • Weesp, popular stop for tourists with three full-size historical windmills, you can here finish your tour and take the train back to Amsterddam
  • the little fascinationg small town Muiden with a well preserved castle Muiderslot from the Middle Ages
  • cycling in countryside near the best preserved fortified town in Europe - Naarden is unforgettable experience - don´t miss the museum and final resting place of John Amos Comenius
  • from the railway station Naarden-Bussum you take the train back to Amsterdam - use the same ticket

 Lenght of the route: 36 km, longer about 49 km

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Romance of the fishing villages

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Vast green meadows, purple heath, rolling woodland, wind and water mills, trading towns and picturesque villages, you will find it all in the Netherlands. Explore old fishing and traditional Dutch villages with polders, clogs and typical Dutch costumes or enjoy special kinds of cheese that is produce with traditional methods and ingredients from the region.That´s Holland for you! Starting point on Amsterdam Centraal Station, throughout Amsterdam Noord, to the small village Uitdam that lies on the coast IJsselmeer, about 12 km northeast of Amsterdam. Go on:

  • cycling along the shore of a peninsula Marken with a typicall lighthouse commonly known as the "Horse of Marken" , a great sandy beach certainly inspire you for the refreshing swinning
  • visiting the village of the same name Marken - a well-known tourist attraction for its characteristic wooden house, native culture and folklore music
  • anyone who wants to see the real beauty of Holland, goes to Volendam - catch the regular ferry from Marken, enjoy the town´s lively atmosphere and take a picture dressed in Dutch traditional costume
  • on the edge of Volendam - at Cheese Farm Alida Hoeve see a professional demonstration on the production of chees (also sheep and goat cheese) and how wooden shoes are made
  • in the village Monnickendam, famous for the production of the warships built during the Anglo-Dutch Wars, there are plenty of options of boat trips for exploring the surroundings, traditional sailing boat or smaller electric boats are available
  • the cycle tour will finish in Amsterdam

Lenght of the route: 43 km

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