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Budapest and monuments - all you need to see or visit

Budapest is great place to visit. Discover why the Parliament building is as high as the Basilica of St. Stephen; find out who the statues on Heroes’ Square represent and which important sites of Budapest are connected by the Chain Bridge. Why should Walt Disney be jealous of Fisherman's Bastion? Would you like to know the answer to this question? Read this great overview that tells you everything about Budapest and its monuments.  

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Budapest and monuments: Parliament

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The symbol of Budapest is the Parliament building.

The symbol and probably the most photographed building in Budapest is the Parliament building, whose construction began in 1885 and was fully completed in 1902. People say that the Parliament is a magnificent building and it is proven by the fact that now it belongs to the top five largest parliamentary buildings in the world, which has 691 rooms.

Parliament is located on Kossuth Lajos Square, which was named after the famous Hungarian fighter for freedom and independence, who was very active during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849. Parliament building is not only impressive from the outside, but inside there are numerous treasures, for example the crown jewels, which were repeatedly stolen from Hungarians, but they finally found their way home in 1978.

If you decide to visit the Parliament, you can join a guided tour, which lasts 45 minutes. If you want to save some money, then do not forget your passport or ID at home. If you prove that you are EU citizens, you will have free entry to the building.

Budapest and monuments: Fisherman's Bastion

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Visit the Fishermen's Bastion in the evening.

Fishermen's Bastion was built between 1895-1902 by the architect Frigyes Schulek, who gave it a Neo-Romanesque style. This building could easily appear in any of Walt Disney’s fairytales. Originally it was just marketplace where people could buy fresh fish.

Now Fisherman's Bastion is one of the symbols of Budapest. People see the bastion as an architectural masterpiece with seven towers representing the seven Hungarian leaders, who led their tribes to Hungary, where they settled in the year 895. In front of the bastion, there is located a statue of St. Stephen, the first crowned king of Hungary, who is also famous because it was him who brought Christianity to the country.

Budapest and monuments: Basilica of St. Stephen

The largest church in Budapest is called the Basilica of St. Stephen and is also named after the first Hungarian king. Its construction started in 1851 and lasted more than 50 years. The original architect of the basilica was Jozsef Hild, who unfortunately did not see the building to be finished. During the construction one accident happened. The dome of the basilica was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. The architect Miklós Ybl became the main architect after the death of the Jozsef Hild. Miklós Ybl also died before the completion of the basilica, which height is 96 meters, the exact same height as the parliament building. It symbolizes equality between the Hungarian government and the Church. The basilica can hold up to 8,500 visitors and you can get into it for free. But if you want to climb 364 stairs leading to the dome, where you can enjoy beautiful view, you will have to buy a ticket.

Budapest and monuments: Heroes’ Square

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Who are the statues at Heroes’ Square?

One of the largest squares in Budapest can be found at the end of Andrássy Avenue, where you can admire the statue of the Archangel Gabriel, which is 36 meters tall. Many other statues representing important personalities in Hungarian history surround the statue of Gabriel. These are the seven chiefs who led their tribes to Hungary and other personalities involved in the formation of Hungary.

Budapest and monuments: Chain Bridge

For someone just normal bridge for another pearl of the Danube. Chain Bridge is guarded by stone lions and was the first bridge that connected the two historic cities - Buda and Pest. Before the bridge was built, the frozen river was used as a way for those who needed to get to the other side. But when the weather suddenly changed, people got stuck on the other side and could not get home. Even István Széchenyi had to wait a week before he came to the funeral of his father in 1820. Then it was decided to start the construction of the Chain Bridge.

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