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Budapest: monuments and thermal baths - 10 reasons to visit the best Hungarian city

Why do millions of tourists choose Budapest as their holiday destination? Maybe because of the unique thermal springs, excellent cuisine, nightlife and unforgettable music festival. We found 10 reasons to visit the Hungarian capital city. After reading this article you will be convinced to travel to Budapest and explore the city of many monuments and thermal baths.

Reason no. 1: Budapest around the corner

Budapest: monuments and thermal baths - 10 reasons to visit the best Hungarian city
Trip to Budapest puts you in a good mood, PHOTO: Dollarphotoclub

Budapest is just around the corner, and travelers certainly know that the trip into the heart of Hungary is not expensive. Buses Eurolines take you from Prague to Budapest in just 7.5 hours. In the morning you get on the bus use the Wi-Fi connection to read your emails or watch a movie and in the afternoon you can enjoy lunch in Hungary. 

Reason no. 2: Budapest's famous thermal baths

Budapest is a paradise with 118 thermal springs and 15 public thermal baths, where you can enjoy water reaching only 21 ° C, or a boiling bath with 76 ° C. Budapest is not just home of the many public baths but also some private ones, which are used by guests of luxury hotels. One of the largest and oldest thermal baths is Széchenyi, which recently became famous because of the wild parties during Saturdays in summer (from June to August). Gellért thermal bath is very popular because of the Art Nouveau style. You can also experience the unique atmosphere in the thermal bath Lukács, which has been frequently visited by many famous writers and artists.

Reason no. 3: Budapest and famous Langos

Budapest: monuments and thermal baths - 10 reasons to visit the best Hungarian city
You will not find better Langos than in Budapest, PHOTO: Shutterstock

Although the langos is street food, it became a symbol of Hungary. Langos with garlic, cheese, ham or sour cream - you have many options. By the way, the best ones are served in Retro Bufe and you can also enjoy them at two o'clock in the morning during the week and on Saturdays until six o’clock. Another excellent place is called Lángos Land and Lángosos, where you can find much "wilder" variants of this street food. Let’s try langos with sausage or tzatziki.

Reason no. 4: Budapest and Tokaj - the wine of kings

Tokaji, a sweet dessert wine, which is mentioned in the Hungarian national anthem, can be only enjoyed during a delicious dinner. Hungarians simply love wine, as you can see at the Wine Festival, which is annually held in September. If you cannot make it to Budapest and join the Wine Festival, don’t be sad and go to the wine taste at the CultiVini, where you can drink several kinds of wine, buy special bottles of wine to take them home or visit the museum, where you can learn everything about the wine in just one day.

Reason no. 5: Sweet Budapest

Who has a sweet tooth should not leave the Hungarian capital without tasting marzipan. The best one is, according to many locals, in the Szamos Gourmet Ház. Hungarian desserts and handmade candies can be found in the Szamos Gourmet Ház, which is a café, patisserie and chocolate factory - all in one. You can taste more than 40 kinds of marzipan with flavor of cherries, oranges, and plums or try candies with lemon-basil flavor.

Reason no. 6: Budapest and unique monuments

Budapest: monuments and thermal baths - 10 reasons to visit the best Hungarian city
Monuments in Budapest cannot be missed, PHOTO: Dollarphotoclub

Monuments in Budapest attract more and more tourists every year. And which of them should you visit? The Parliament building, which is the third largest parliamentary building in the world, became a symbol of Budapest. Restaurants, cafes, theaters surround Andrássy Avenue and you can also find there the State Opera. And the Neo-Renaissance opera house not only looks gorgeous, but also people from many countries admire the artistic performances held in this building.

Reason no. 7: Budapest without money

Did you spend the rest of your money on the great ice cream in the shape of a rose from Gerlato Rosa? Then you have no other option then to try activities that are in Budapest for free. Just show your passport and enjoy a free tour inside of the Budapest's Parliament. You will get the free ticket while visiting the unique St. Stephen's Basilica (valid only for the observation deck). Free is also a walk on the Gellért Hill, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Or walk for free in the Karolyi gardens or to the park Millenáris. Many museums in Budapest can be visited for free during the Museum Night (usually held in June.) And worth mentioning is also city tour with the Free Walking Tour.

Reason no. 8: Budapest Sziget - 7 days of musical paradise

The music festivals in summer offer you the chance to meet your music idols. Do not miss one of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe. More than 400,000 music lovers from more than 90 countries visit Sziget every year. More than 200 live bands from the international pop/rock scene to the artists who prefer metal, folk, jazz, blues, alternative, and also classical tunes will perform every day at this festival. Robbie Williams, Avicii, Ellie Goulding or band Passenger were also performing at Sziget in past.

Reason no. 9: Budapest and wild nightlife

Budapest: monuments and thermal baths - 10 reasons to visit the best Hungarian city
Do not wait and head out to Budapest. PHOTO: Shutterstock

Budapest is the city of nightlife, whether you decide to spend a night in pub drinking a beer or at the bar on the dance floor. Ötkert is great bar but usually you have to stand in a long line to get in. Popular is also quite unique venture called Szimpla Kert, which may seem like ancient ruins. Warmup is also great cocktail bar.

Reason no. 10: Budapest and shopping

Váci - the most famous shopping street in Budapest is home of brands such as Promod, Zara and Mango. Luxurious fashion brands (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci) are hiding on Andrássy Avenue. Cheaper brands (H & M and Pull & Bear) can be found at Vörösmarty Square. Do not forget to visit the markets. The biggest market is in the Great Hall - the fish market takes place in the basement, on the first floor you can buy homemade sausages and cheeses, and the second floor offers you clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs for reasonable price.

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