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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how can I buy tickets for international coach service?

You can buy tickets in the EUROLINES ticket offices either at the Main Bus Station Florenc in Prague or at the Central Bus Station Zvonařka in Brno (opening hours and contact HERE). If you are staying elsewhere, you can also buy tickets in several travel agencies in many other cities (full list HERE)

Tickets can also be purchased directly on our website where you can chose if you want to receive your ticket in your email address (E-ticket) or in your mobile phone (M-ticket).


Can I book tickets and pay later?

No, you cannot only book a ticket, you have to buy it.


Can I reserve seats in the bus? 

Seat numbers are not assigned to passengers. You can choose your seat and the seat passenger who you will spend a pleasant journey with when boarding the bus. We always guarantee seets.

Are you traveling with children or family? Do you want to sit together? We are happy to oblige on the direct services (services with change we are not able to guarantee). Contact us by the phone +420 731 222 111, by writing the email at info@eurolines.cz, or personally at the office of Eurolines.

When and under what conditions can I buy ticket at the lowest price?

We offer tickets in two tariffs, PROMO and ECONOMY. Tickets in the PROMO tariff can be purchased at a lower price and therefore their number is limited. We recommend you buy them as soon as possible before your trip. All tickets must have a specific date of travel, OPEN tickets without a specific date of return are not available.

We also provide age discounts (children, students, seniors), group discounts and favourable tariffs within special offers and promotional campaigns. A detailed overview can be found HERE.

No discounts can be combined with the PROMO tariff.


Can I buy my ticket right before the bus departure?

Yes, you can. The ticket price will follow the price of the ECONOMY tariff. Right before the departure, it is not possible to buy tickets in the PROMO tariff or with special discounts within promotional campaigns.

When buying tickets outside of the Czech Republic, the fare is charged according to the rate specified in the relevant currency and may differ from the ticket prices purchased in the Czech Republic.


Do I have to check-in before the bus departure in the office or do I go straight to the platform?

When departing from Prague, check-in starts usually 30 minutes before the departure at the given platform. Abroad, you must go to check-in to the office at least 30 minutes before departure in the following destinations: Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Alicante, Castellon, Figueras, Girona, Lloret de Mar, Madrid, Murcia, Valencia and Zaragoza.


Can I change or cancel a ticket which has been already issued?

Yes, you may request a change or cancellation of your ticket. You just need to do it up to 30 minutes before departure from the Czech Republic, no later than 6 hours before departure from destination abroad.

You may do it by calling the phone number +420 731 222 111, by writing the email at info@eurolines.cz, or personally in the office of Eurolines.

How to change the bus ticket: Buy a new ticket - for your required date, destination and time. For your original ticket, we will refund you the full amount you paid.

How to cancel the bus ticket: You just need to notify us the number of your ticket and we will refund you the amount (the cancellation fee will be included). The cancellation fee is a percentage of the original ticket price and depends on the time of cancelation and time of departure:

• Returning tickets more than 48 hours prior to departure: cancellation fee is 25% of the ticket price

• Returning tickets between 6 and 48 hours prior to departure: cancellation fee is 50% of the ticket price

• Returning tickets less than 6 hours prior to departure: cancellation fee is 100% of the ticket price

No promises or vouchers. We return money, no vouchers!

We return the money the same way the tickets were paid - i.e.. if you bought the tickets in cash in our office, you will get the money in cash, if you paid your tickets by a credit card, we will refund the money to your account.

To change or cancel tickets is not possible only in case the tickets are issued under the PROMO tariff or special tariffs. These terms and conditions are mentioned in the ticket offer.

More details about changes or cancellations: Terms and conditions.


Does your company arrange for visa applications?

We do not provide this service. Every passenger is personally responsible for complying with the passport and customs regulations of the countries in which they travel or pass through. Should the custom or police authorities not allow you to continue your journey, you are not entitled to a refund, nor to any part of it or any other compensation.


How much baggage can I carry?

Every passenger over 4 years of age has the right to carry one hand-luggage and one or two pieces of travel luggage (see the information published at the end of particular timetables). The luggage size may not exceed 20x70x80 cm = a total of 170 cm. A maximum weight of both pieces of luggage is limited to 40 kg. If the service does not allow for the transport of luggage free of charge, you will find the fees for carriage in the Table of fees or in the timetables.


Can I travel with my bike or dog?

Eurolines ensures a carriage of a bike on the special bike holders and a carriage of a folded bike in a special transport bag in the luggage compartment. These services are provided only on selected lines and to selected destinations. More details about bike transport can be found HERE

Eurolines services are not authorized to transport dogs. It is allowed only to transport guide or assistance dogs (properly labeled), accompanying a disabled person with ZTP/P or a dog trainer.


Can a person under 16 travel independently?

No, on Eurolines services passengers under the age of 16 can only travel when accompanied by a person at least of 16 years of age, due to the regime applied in transit and destination countries.


Where and how can I claim loss or damage to my luggage?

Immediately after collecting luggage at your destination with the carrier´s staff (driver). The staff member is obliged to confirm in writing the loss or the extent of damage. This confirmation, together with the ticket and the luggage tag, are the essential parts of the complaint, which is to be executed in writing.


I had a notebook in my luggage and during the transport it got damaged. Can I get a refund?

Travel luggage is transported in the luggage compartment. In your luggage your are not supposed to carry: money, cheques, payment cards, marketable securities or stocks or other objects of value, business or other personal documents, passports or other documents of identification, keys, cell phones, jewellery and objects made of precious metals, or other electronic devices (including PCs, laptops and CDs with databases), cameras, video cameras (and other, in accordance with Terms and Conditions, art. XIV. par. 5). In this case, you are not entitled to any compensation for damage.


Can the timetable change during the year?

Yes, it can. Passengers are therefore advised to ask for information about changes in timetables before departure from the check-in staff or in travel agencies where they purchased their ticket. Important notice: Arrivals and departures in timetables and on tickets are always in local time.