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Munich and monuments - football, BMW and beer

Munich is great city and you should definitely take a day off and travel there with your friends or family. Visit the places which especially men like to see. Where are they? First stop should be at the Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich, then continue to the park where Olympic Games were held and experience taste of the best beer in Europe. Also don't forget to visit the garage of BMW cars.

Munich and monuments - Allianz Arena

Munich by bus
Visit the place where football champions are born.
Photo: Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus eV /
Dirk Topel Kommunikation GmbH

Allianz Arena is not just a stadium. It is the home of the famous football club FC Bayern Munich, who won 24 times the most prestigious football competition - German Bundesliga. First football players of the legendary FC Bayern Munich played football in 1900. But not always was this club filled with glory and success. Problems came with Hitler. Coach and club president were Jewish which contributed to the new nickname of the club. The club started to be called Club of Jew. The arena, which is home of FC Bayern Munich, can hold up to 71,000 football fans. 

And how do you get there? At Marienplatz get on bus No. 6 and in a few minutes you will find yourselves in the land of football paradise. And why should you come to this place? Because you could look into the cabin of players or admire the Hall of Fame of the best football stars. During one visit you can even manage a quick stop to the souvenirs shop.

Munich and monuments - Olympic park

Munich by bus
Start with sport in Munich. Photo: Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. /
Cowin, Andrew

Year 1972 was a significant year for Munich because the German city hosted the XX. Summer Olympics and Olympic Park was built for athletes to feel comfortable.The park was built in style with revolutionary and futuristic appearance. Especially the roof of the stadium, which looks like a Bedouin tent, is unique. The Olympic park is nowadays center of rich cultural life in Munich and place where many concerts are held. From the Olympic tower you can have a great view or you can enjoy a lunch in the restaurant placed in the tower. 

Munich and BMW trio

Take a peak into the world of fast engines at BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and the BMW Werk. In just one day you can explore the evolution of BMW engines. Museum doors are open to you every day from Monday to Sunday (7:30 AM - midnight). 

Entrance to the BMW Welt, where you can admire the latest models of cars, is free for all visitors. If you love adventure and adrenaline, you can drive cars that also James Bond loved. Just book you ride online. 

Munich by bus
Find out the secret of BMW success. Photo: Deutsche Zentrale für
Tourismus eV / COWIN, Andrew

You also have to visit the building called BMW Museum. You will find there more than 125 models of the most important and most attractive cars in Europe. This exhibition is focused on design, motorsport history of BMW and society.

Do you wonder how it looks like in the factory of BMW cars? Take a peak at the production of BMW automobiles in the building called BMW Werk. Thousands of employees from different parts of the world will show you the latest models of BMW cars. These unique tour is so popular that you should rather book your tickets online.

History of beer in Munich

Munich's oldest brewery is also a historical landmark which you should definitely visit. 

The first beer has been made in 1328 in Augustinerbräu. This brewery is located near to main square Marienplatz. Do you know who were the first brewers? Maybe it seems unbelievable but the monks came up with the idea to make beer. 

Munich by bus
Do you like Bavarian beer?

Beer and Munich simply belong together. And that is also the reason why Oktoberfest, which is considered to be the biggest beer festival in the world, is held in Munich. Over 100,000 visitors can enjoy the festival's atmosphere in the tent, where everyone drinks liters of beer. In 1997, over 5.5 million liters of beer were consumed and people ate more than 450,000 chickens.

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