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Oktoberfest - the biggest beer festival in the world

Oktoberfest, it is the biggest beer festival in the world, where over six million people go every year. You can enjoy traditional Bavarian beer, cuisine and folk customs. Join us on a beer tour and learn about the history of the most famous celebration of beer. In 2017 -Oktoberfest will open the gates from 16. 9. to 3. 10. 2017. 

Oktoberfest and its history

Oktoberfest by bus
Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world.
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King Ludwig I. and Princess Theresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen spent together incredible 44 years. Their wedding was one of the greatest in the history of Munich. Every year since 1810, the celebration called Oktoberfest has been held from late September to October in honor of the anniversary of marriage of the royal couple. People meet at the Theresienwiese meadow and drink traditional Bavarian beer. Originally, the festival included horse races where the entire royal family has been participating. The first years of the festival were not quite as flashy as it is today. People could ride on the carousel or have fun on the swing only since 1818. About 78 years later the beer revolution has begun. Local brewers started offering a glass of well-chilled beer in large beer tents and halls, where over 6 million visitors from around the world can fit. Oktoberfest is considered to be one of the greatest festivals in the world.

Get ready for the best beer festival - Oktoberfest

Traditional Bavarian breweries will open their doors and offer several kinds of German beer. Seats in the beer tents and halls, where the festival takes place, are limited. So do not wait and book your place.

Oktoberfest in numbers:

- Over 7.5 million liters of beer were consumed in 2011

Oktoberfest by bus
Oktoberfest is real gourmet experience.
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- More than 450,000 chickens were eaten in 1997

- Beer at Oktoberfest contains 4.5 - 5 percent of alcohol

- The first celebration took place in 1810

- 6 million visitors annually visit the Oktoberfest

- Oliver Struempfl, waiter at Oktoberfest, is able to serve 27 glasses of beer at the same time

- 12,000 people are employed each year at Oktoberfest

- The age limit for drinking alcohol in Germany is 16 years

Oktoberfest - beer tents and halls

Oktoberfest by bus
It is impossible to miss a blue-white ceiling
in Hackerbräu-Festhalle. Photo: Deutsche
Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. - Kiedrowski, Rainer

Hackerbräu-Festhalle - one of the largest beer tents with a blue-white ceiling and the presence of younger people

Hofbräu-Festzelt - the ceiling is decorated with tons of hops and Bavaria famous angel Aloisius

Augustiner-Festhalle - the beer tent where the beer from the oldest brewery in Munich is served

Schottenhamel-Festhalle - a popular place for young enthusiasts and students

Fischer-Vroni - you can enjoy cold beer, a roasted chicken, pretzels and a special fish prepared on a stick (this meal is known as Steckerlfisch) 

Käfer Wies'n Schänke - the tent and its the furniture from solid wood remind an old farmhouse

Kufflers Weinzelt - sometimes called a wine tent because red and white wine is served here more than beer

Oktoberfest by bus
Drink traditional Bavarian beer. Photo: Deutsche
Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. - Kiedrowski, Rainer

Paulanerbräu - beautifully decorated interior with a pleasant atmosphere and great beer is probably the reason why this tent has a large number of regular customers (some of them are from the famous FC Bayern Munich).

Löwenbräu-Festhalle - with 37-meter tower it is impossible to miss this beer tent

Marstall-Festzelt - one of the newest beer tents

Pschorrbräu-Festhalle - traditional music performances in Bavarian style are held in this beer tent

Schützen-Festhalle - shooting contest organized by the Association of sport shooting is held near to this beer tent

Crossbowmen-Festhalle - decoration in the Alpine style attract the visitors

Spatenbräu-Festhalle - more than 90 bulls are consumed in this tent every year 


Oktoberfest by bus
Oktoberfest is traditional Bavarian festival.
Photo: Deutsche Zentrale für
Tourismus e.V. - Kiedrowski, Rainer

- The festival begins at Sonnenstraße-Schwanthalerstraße. More than 1000 participants will present Bavarian costumes on wagons drawn by horses. The mayor of the city will open the first barrel of beer at noon.

- Join the seven-kilometer route through the streets of Munich and meet the "military" squad in historical uniforms, marching bands, horses and cows with richly decorated flatbed and of course the people in regional costumes.

- You can also attend Oktoberfest in the open-air event, where you can listen to the concert of bands playing live the traditional Bavarian music and modern genres.

- Family Days are also included. During this time, children can enjoy the carousel and amusement centers for a reduced price.

- How does Oktoberfest end? The kings of the shooting competition will be officially crowned at the Bavaria statue (at noon).

How to get to Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest by bus
Do you know what kind of beer will you drink?
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The bus company Eurolines offers tickets to Munich, where this event is held. The closest way to Oktoberfest is from Hackerbrücke, where the Eurolines bus will directly take you. Then you just have to walk about 900 meters to Theresienwiesse, where Oktoberfest is held. 

Our tip: Munich in one day! Morning there, evening backTuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Prague at 07.00 (arrival to Munich at 12.30), back from Munich at 17.00 (arrival to Prague at 22.15h). It is a perfect way to have a single day full of great experiences while saving time and money. What to do in Munich (except of enjoying beer ...)? Munich - football and BMW; Munich - monuments

Do you want to spent more time there? Check out the next connections to Munich: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 17:30 from Prague (arrival to Munich at 22.50 - 23.15), back from Munich on Mondays and Saturdays at 05.30 (arrival to Prague at 11.00). Have a look at a timetable.

Buy ticket: Munich

Important information:

Save you time searching for direction and print the map, which can be found HERE. There is no risk you getting lost.

Organizers of the Oktoberfest will focus on safety. According to information, visitors will have to pass the security check. It is not allowed to enter the Oktoberfest with luggage or large backpack. 

More information about Oktoberfest:

www.oktoberfest.info (English)

www.muenchen.de (English)