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The new 5 destinations in Germany

Gießen, Erfurt, Jena, Leipzig and Leipzig - the new five destinations on the Berlin-Frankfurt route! Germany has long been one of your favorite destination - not only thanks to the "neighborhood". We have therefore expanded our offer of connections to other attractive cities. On the new line of our DeinBus and ToEurope partners between Frankfurt and Berlin, you can visit Gießen, Erfurt, Jena, Leipzig -  coaches will also go to Leipzig - airport! Get to know the next part of Germany - the famous university cities.

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DeinBus/ToEurope coaches run twice a day - mornings from Berlin at 7:15 h or from Frankfurt at 7:30 h, afternoons back from Berlin and Frankfurt at 14:00 h. Four new Setra coaches give you all the comfort and convenience - free WiFi, 230 V power sockets, extended legroom or special child seat (you probably already know from Eurolines services), you can also use the on-board entertainment system and buy drinks. The coaches are equipped with wheelchairs. More about service here (in German).

How to combine the Eurolines and DeinBus/ToEurope lines?

Take advantage of the traditional Eurolines service to Berlin or Frankfurt, then take the DeinBus/ToEurope coach to Leipzig, Jena, Erfurt or Gießen (detailed timetable here). We tried to select several possible combinations, that might suit you.

FROM BERLIN (1 ticket):

  • departure from Prague at 9:00 h (arrival to Berlin 13:30 h), DeinBus/ToEurope departure daily at 14:00 h, direction: Leipzig Airport, Jena, Erfurt, Gießen, Frankfurt

FROM FRANKFURT (1 ticket):

  • departure from Prague at 22:30 h (arrival to Frankfurt 05:45 h), DeinBus/ToEurope departure daily at 7:30 h, direction: Erfurt, Jena, Leipzig Airport, Berlin

However, you can split your trip - on 2 separate tickets - and get more time for both cities:

  • for your journey from Prague to Berlin, you can use any of our other Eurolines connections - at 6:30, 13:00 or 18:00
  • for a trip from Prague to Frankfurt eg at 17:00
  • and purchase your next ticket from Berlin / Frankfurt to Erfurt - Jena - Gießen - Leipzig - Leipzig airport according to your preferences.

Erfurt: a charm of Venice or Rome

You should not miss Erfurt on your way. It belongs to cities with an exceptional atmosphere - slow down and enjoy it! Look at the best travel tips in Erfurt

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Leipzig: use the possibility of transport to the airport

From Leipzig, it flies both to the most visited and tourist destinations, as well as to overseas destinations. There are more than 20 airlines flying from here and you can select up to 50 destinations. More information about the airport can be found here.

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Photo: Shutterstock

Balm for all senses

Leipzig is colorful, cheerful and open to everything new. This dynamic university and fair metropolis, the city of books and Sebastian Bach in the north-west of Saxony, is overflowing with life. Leipzig also enjoys the great reputation of the city of music. Goethe, who was studying here, compared him to Paris. Look at the best travel tips in Leipzig

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Jena: light, glass, optics

Jena is the second largest city of Thuringia. It lies on the Sala river, about 50 kilometers east of Erfurt. It has been the industrial center of East Germany. Throughout the world, it has become famous for its glass production. You may have a glass baking pan at home ... Look at the best travel tips in Jena

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Gießen: great university city

Gießen is an ancient town in central Hessen. The foundation stone was laid in the 12th century. Gießen is the city of students. In the 19th century, a world-renowned scientist and Nobel Prize winner for physics, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, also worked at the university. Science has a great tradition in Gießen. There is, for example, Mathematikum science Museum (near the bus stop, from which you will leave) or the Liebig Museum, named after a prominent German chemist, Justus Liebig, whose name also bears the university.

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Gießen - Photo: Getty Images