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Weekend in Slovenia and Croatia

Experience the most common holiday destination differently! Grab your backpack, hop on a bus and travel to Slovenia and Croatia. We will tell you what you should know, see and experience.

 Spend your weekend in Maribor and Zagreb. Photo: Dollarphotoclub.com

Day 1: Maribor

Maribor is one of the biggest Slovenian cities.
Photo: Slovenian tourist board / Matěj Vranic

You can start from Prague, where you get on a bus at 21:00 and you will be in Maribor, which is one of the biggest Slovenian cities, next day at 5:00. There is a chance that you drove by this city on the way to Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. Maribor is worth to visit. The real treasure is the oldest bush of vine in the world. For us known as Stara Trna. If you want to catch harvest and taste the first wine, go to Maribor in October.

The Franciscan church of St. Mary and the Gothic cathedral of St. John the Baptist are the sights that you should definitely visit. You can enjoy amazing view of the city from the bell tower at the cathedral.

In the district of Lent you will see beautiful historic houses and picturesque streets with hidden cafes, where you can order delicacies like gibanica, multi-layer roll filled with cheese, apples and poppy seeds.

Summer hit is the ice creams stand called Sladolednica Lastovka, where almost all kinds of ice creams have been sold. There are also three kinds of special ice creams made by real fruit. It is irresistible. You should head not only to the vineyards, but also to the waterfall called Veliki Sumik, which is hiding in the jungle on the river Lobnica.

Day 2: Zagreb

Talking to the statue of the Croatian poet Antun Gustav Matos.
Photo: Dollarphotoclub.com

It is about 2 hours journey from Maribor to Zagreb and you can use the Eurolines bus to get there. You can go through history of Croatia and recognize local treasure. Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption and St. Stephen are the icons of the city.

You can also visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, which have already gained a lot of attention during its opening in 2006. As the name suggests, the theme of the museum are relationships. You will find all sorts of objects from broken relationships and will read stories related to each object. The exhibition is not only a collection of teddy bears and pillows in the shape of a heart, but here you will find some common items such as toaster, which is tied to funny story.

We recommend going to the statue of the Croatian poet Antun Gustav Matos, who sits on a bench looking around the city. The bench statue is the most popular work of Croatian street art. Another important place is the house of Kallin, which is definitely architecturally not boring. Its whole outside surface is covered to the ceramic tiles. The owner of the house was also the owner of a ceramic tile factory and he used his own house as a promotion of his factory and his work.

Tasting traditional dishes should be part of every holiday. You can try štrukli, which is made of special dough and it is filled with cottage cheese and sour cream. This dish is considered to be the most typical dish of Zagreb and you can buy it at every corner. Fresh fruit and vegetable can be found at one of the most colorful market called Dolac. People from across the city come here every weekend to buy the best ingredients for cuspajz - stew of vegetable and meat.

Ban Jelacic Square is the right place if you want to bring home some presents. You should buy typical Croatian candy called 505 S crtom, whose flavor stays in your mouth forever. If you want to find new pieces to your wardrobe, look to the Ilica Street.

Day 3: Trip to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are rightly called the pearl of the natural heritage.
Photo: Plitvice Lakes

It is not far away from Zagreb to the Plitvice Lakes, which are rightly called the pearl of the natural heritage. Since 1979, they are also part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Journey to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb takes only two hours. To enjoy the lakes, you should stay there at least six hours. 

While visiting Plitvice Lakes, you should go to explore sixteen remarkable cascade lakes, see 78 meter high waterfall, take a deep breath of clean air, enjoy a romantic boat trips along the azure blue water, see how the rainbow is made and practice walking on many routes.

How to get to Maribor and Zagreb?

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