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Where to go on a trip with kids?

If you are a parent, you will agree that it is not easy to choose activities for kids that would entertain them as well as educate them. Did you know that there are places, which will develop children's creativity and imagination? And we know where you can find them.

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The best activities for kids. Photo: Shutterstock.com


Bim & Boom Kinderspielland

What to do when the weather is bad and kids are getting bored? Go to the indoor playground in Berlin. Children under the age of 12 can have fun on trampolines and bouncy castles. You can also find here a gigantic dragon. Boys who love sport can play a football or ping-pong. There is also a disco, if your kids like to dance! Parents can enjoy back massage on relaxing chair.

Aquadom and Sea World

Underwater world can be discovered in Aquadom and Sea World that is located in Berlin. Enjoy this world's largest aquarium in the shape of a cylinder, where over 5000 undersea creatures live. Children can touch a crab or look how a shark, octopus, jellyfish, seahorses and other creatures, which appear on the list of endangered animals, look like. If you want to see a fight, then you cannot miss the feeding time. The entire area of Aquadom is covered with a roof.

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Follow the footsteps of the popular German food called currywurst.
Photo: Deutsches Currywurst
Museum Berlin

Currywurst Museum

Not everyone is a fan of history, so let children breathe and follow the footsteps of the popular German food called currywurst. The exhibition reveals what makes from currywurst the global phenomenon and the most popular fast food dish of German culture. During the tour in the museum, make a stop at the big map of Berlin, which marks the stalls, where Germans sell the best Currywurst. You can uncover the mystery of curry powder in a chamber with spices or at the smelling station.


Do you want to offer your children an exciting activity? Modern climbing center called MountMitte is designed for older children and of course for adults. If you or your children need help from professionals, then you can attend one of the six courses that are named after famous mountains. You can climb to the Matterhorn or perhaps to the Kilimanjaro. The only condition for climbing is that visitors of MountMitte must be at least seven years old and reach a height of 130 cm.

Labyrinth Kindermuseum

Head to the district of Wedding, where large, red, industrial-looking building is located. It is not allowed to walk inside of the labyrinth with shoes on, so we recommend you to take off your shoes at the entrance. You can also bring socks or slippers from home. No other restrictions can be found at Labyrinth Kindermuseu. Everything is allowed here. Even you can bring your own lunch from home, which you can eat anywhere. The museum is divided into several parts. The main room hides a road with traffic lights, a building that invites you to explore and a cafeteria, where you can freshen up. If you climb the stairs, you will find mini buildings. Kids can turn into the constructers for a while and they can control the "heavy" machines.

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Maze and labyrinth

If you are in Vienna and you don’t have time to spend the whole day in amusement park, you can entertain your kids in a maze. For example, you can try the one in which the royal family enjoyed themselves during their stay in Schönbrunn. Come to find twelve signs of zodiac.

Bogi Park

Children can enjoy a world of fantasy on area of 5,000 m2. Bogi Park is Austria's largest indoor playground, where children at the age of 1 to 12 can have fun. Are your kids too noisy? Never mind, in this place, everything is allowed. Kids can enjoy the climbing wall, a magical cave, trampoline and bouncy castle.

The Haus des Meeres

The Haus des Meeres is home to 100 000 animals. How do fish swim in the water? A sea house will explain that to you. Come to see a piranha, mussels, crabs and corals. Sharks and sea turtles, which swim freely in the tank with a volume of 300,000 liters, dominate the one of biggest aquariums in Austria. You will also see crocodiles, poisonous snakes and lizards.

Kaiser Kindy

Tour of Schönbrunn Palace will entertain adults. Not every child is a lover of old furniture and portraits of aristocratic families. When you want your kids to learn the history, at least let them do it the entertaining way. There is Kaiser Kindy nearby Schönbrunn. Your children can dress up in costumes of princes and princesses; they can sit on the throne or at the table for the upcoming feast. Children will of course learn some historical information.

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Karl May Museum

Do you love the legendary Winnetou and his loyal friend Old Shatterhand? Then head to the place, where this story started. Follow the footsteps of Karl May, who created these amazing books. His adventure stories, which take place in the Wild West, has been sold in millions of copies around the world. Karl May Museum was opened to the public in 1928 and you can see here the rare Indian collections, literary treasures, and souvenirs from travellers and personal objects of the writer himself.

Hygiene Museum

Every child should learn about hygiene, but if you want your children also have fun, then take them to the German museum of hygiene. Children will discover how the human body works by using interactive models, which will take them to the world of science. You can join a nice accompanying program almost every day. So there is always something to look forward to.


If your children get tired, take them on a ride. You can try a special ride by historical trains that will show them the beauty of Great Garden in Dresden. The train will stop five times during this journey, so you have time to walk on the soft grass, smell the rare flowers and cool off in the fountain. Trains run at intervals of 15-30 minutes, so don’t worry that you miss the train. You can always catch another one.

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