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Why to travel with Eurolines?

Surf the Internet, watch your own movies, and listen to your favorite music on your electronic devices that will never run out of energy. Be inspired by the magazines, concentrate and get ready to important business meeting or you can just dream about your journey. You will have enough space and you will definitely feel safe. You can also take your children on a trip in special seats. You will fit everything you need, even your bike, into one carry-on luggage and two pieces of luggage. Where can you experience all of this? In buses Eurolines!



Travel across Europe online

Thanks to Eurolines you can travel across Europe with wi-fi connection for free! You can be online not just in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. You can concentrate on your work in quiet surroundings, prepare on important meeting, and share travel experiences on social networks or just simply surf the Internet.


Nothing interrupts entertainment

In buses of Eurolines, your electronic devices will never run out of energy Thanks to the 230 V sockets, you can work, watch movies or play games without worrying that your entertainment will be unexpectedly interrupted.


Comfort as nowhere else

Comfortable and reclining seats are equipped with a unique shift to the side, which increases the distance from neighbors and give you extra space. Seat belts, which are integral parts of the seats, comply all standards - simply, you almost do not feel them.


Enjoy your journey to the maxim

Functional air conditioning and toilet is a necessity in all buses. In addition, you will appreciate the panoramic windows with tinted lenses that provide a truly excellent view of the landscape you are passing through. And when you get tired of the view, you can read one of many magazines of various genres that are prepared for you on a board for free.


2 + 1 pieces of luggage for free

You do not have to deal with problems like how many things you can pack on journey with you. Buses of Eurolines give you an opportunity to travel with one carry-on luggage and 2 pieces of luggage for free.


Children are welcome on board!

Special children seats have been introduced to the public for the first time in 2011 and Eurolines was the first company that started this travel revolution. Kidybus has a five-point safety system and is used by children from 3 to 9 years. Each coach is equipped with 1 seat. If you need to provide more seats, please contact our infoline in advance. Our tips for trips with children by Eurolines buses can be found HERE.


We love cyclists

If you would like to take your bicycle on a tour, all you need to do is to fold your bike and wrap it. We will transport your bicycle on special bike holders or in luggage compartment. Destinations where you can go with your bicycle can be found HERE.


We drive ecologically!

The buses are equipped with modern engines, which are in accordance with standards Euro 6 - optimized combustion system reduces emissions to the limit of detection, nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless components that protect our health.


Business Class - design and comfort

Buses of Business Class - it means comfort and unique design. You can enjoy more space for your legs and extendable tables which let you work with your notebook in maximum comfort. You will also receive daily newspapers and 0.5 l bottle of water for free.


Where and how often can you travel by Business Class buses?

Bratislava - 5 times a day

Buy a ticket to Bratislava


Brno - 3 times a day

Buy a ticket to Brno


Berlin, Dresden, Copenhagen - 3 times a day

Buy a ticket to Berlin

Buy a ticket to Dresden

Buy a ticket to Copenhagen

Budapest, Munich - 2 times a day 

Buy a ticket to Budapest

Buy a ticket to Munich


Photo: Michael Fokt